Weight loss

Weight Loss: Scientific advice on breakfast for immediate results!

Some health benefits are Better regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increased resistance, lower levels of inflammation and triglycerides…

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Weight loss

Weight Loss – Want to lose weight? Breathe!

We live in a visual society; thus our appearance becomes increasingly important. How we look – many believe – is more important…

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10 Foods – Regenerating fuel for athletes

he right fuel after training is more than crucial. Many think that after training, they can sin in the first place…

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Private health insurance: How to get out of private health insurance

The editorship of FOCUS Online reaches more and more letters from worried retirees who are privately insured. They complain about the…

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Pollution responsible for a quarter of deaths and diseases worldwide

A quarter of premature deaths and diseases around the world are linked to pollution and damage to the environment caused…

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Mums Remedies

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Eh eh! This is the favorite topic of everyone – hemorrhoids during pregnancy! Yes indeed. Just another of those wonderful side…

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Childrens Remedies

How to lower the fever of a child who has the flu?

The epidemic of influenza is there and like every year, it attacks the most fragile ones first … If there…

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Beauty Remedies

6 beauty tips to have bigger eyes

Fatigue, small eyes, dark circles on the face and wrinkles are the worst enemies of an attractive look. Discover here how…

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