7 Common Mistakes Women Make When Choosing And Wearing Lingerie

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Common Mistakes Women Make When Choosing And Wearing Lingerie

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Lingerie is like a second skin to us. Whatever the moment or occasion, wearing good lingerie perks up your mood by giving the right shape to your body and your outfit. Not to mention the confidence you gain when you know that your ‘outfit of the day’ has managed to check all the right boxes, thanks to a good lingerie. However, more often than not, we make quite a few common mistakes while choosing and wearing a lingerie. Let us address a few of them here:

1. The Wrong Kind Of Fabric

The Wrong Kind Of Fabric

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While buying lingerie, we are generally attracted to the colorful, lacy ones. In doing so, we do not give enough emphasis to the kind of fabric that we choose. Of course, we do not mean that you should buy 100% cotton ones; they’ll wear off quickly. So, buy ones that are a mix of both; 80% cotton and 20% elastane. And yes, lacy ones are great too, but save them for those very special occasions (you know what we mean)!

2. Picking An Incorrect Bra Size

Picking An Incorrect Bra Size

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This is one of the most common mistakes that we make. Often while trying to look for a particular style, we compromise on the size of the bra. If the hooks of your new bra pierce you behind; if your bra seems too tight near the chest but loose around the shoulders, then you’ve probably got the wrong size. So, what should you do? Nowadays, lingerie stores allow you to take a trial before you buy. They also have assistants who’ll help you measure and find the right size.

3. Being Unaware Of Breast Shape

Being Unaware Of Breast Shape

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One of the reasons for picking the wrong bra size is the lack of awareness about the shape of the breast. Generally, the bra advertisements might misguide us into thinking that a particular style will look good on small breasts only. This can happen with the plus-sized bra models as well. So, it is important to note the size of your breasts. Accordingly, choose a bra that is a snug fit for you rather than ill-fitting ones.

4. Lookout For The Color

Lookout For The Color

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Though bright-colored bras look fancy and attractive, be cautious of how you wear them. It is okay as a nightwear. However, avoid wearing bright or dark-colored bras under light colored dresses. They will not only show but will also give a garish appearance to your look and outfit. Try to opt for neutral tones as much as you can.

5. Home Wear

Home Wear

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Most women take off their bra and undies once they are home. They feel wearing a bra at home is not required. It may be true to some extent, especially in cases where women have small breasts. However, if you are blessed in the chest, make sure you wear a comfortable non-padded, non-wired bra at home as well. This will prevent your breasts from sagging and will give them the much-needed support (against gravity, of course!).

6. It Goes For The Panties Too

It Goes For The Panties Too

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When it comes to panty-shopping, it gets even worse. Women often neglect the most basic aspects of fabric, comfort, and fit while choosing panties mostly because trials are not allowed (understandably so). Having said this, if you are unsure of your size, try buying just one instead of an entire pack of 3 or 5. Avoid buying thongs and tight lacy wear as these can irritate your delicate skin. Keep them for occasional wear if you do not wish the panty lines to show through your favorite dress.

7. Choose Complementary Shapewear

Choose Complementary Shapewear

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If your body is pear-shaped, wear simple, lacy shorts. If you have the curves, you can try wearing the high-rise panties. And avoid wearing boxer shorts if you wish to make your legs look thinner and longer. Keep such basics in mind to help you get the most out of your underwear.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea about lingerie shopping, make sure you follow these the next time. And most importantly, remember to prioritize your comfort and health before you lay your hands on that attractive-looking bra-panty pair yet again!

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